Thursday, April 30, 2009

Filipinas Take 3

Friday, February 27, 2009

Help me get the Best Job in The world!! - Put Luis on the Reef!!!

Hi all,
I've applied to the "best job in the world" - to take care of an Island of the Great Barrier Reef for 6 months, but I can't get there without your help!!!

Go to:
Please check it out and rate it 5 Stars!!!
(Only once a day...)

Please Forward this email to your friends!!!
For more information:


Ola a Todos,
Como muitos de vcs já sabem, estou a concorrer ao "melhor trabalho do mundo"! - Que consiste em tomar conta de uma ilha da Grande Barreira de Coral Australiana durante 6 meses, mas não vou conseguir sem a vossa ajuda!!!

Ir para:
Vejam o vídeo e dêem-lhe a nota de 5 Estrelas por favor!!!
(Cada computador apenas pode votar uma vez por dia...)

Por Favor Reencaminhem este mail para os vossos contactos!!
Para mais informações:


Salut a Tous,
Je participe au concours "Le meilleur Job du monde" - qui consiste a prendre soin d'une ile pendant 6 mois, mais je ne peux pas y arriver sans votre aide!!!

Allez sur:
Regardez la Video et donnez lui 5 etoiles!!!!
(On ne peut voter qu'une fois par jour...)

Faites Suivre cet email a tous vos contacts svp!!!
Pour plus d'info:


Hola a todos!!

He aplicado a la "mejor trabajo del mundo" - para hacerse cargo de una isla de la Gran Barrera de Coral de 6 meses, pero no puedo llegar sin su ayuda!

Vea el vídeo y le dan 5 estrellas!!!
(Usted puede votar una vez al día ...)

por favor, transmita este mensaje de correo electrónico a tus amigos
Muchas Gracias!!
para más información:



我已经申请了"世界上最好的工作" -照顾大堡礁6个月,但没有你们的帮助我就办不到!










Luis Estarreja

Check out the making of: 

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rire et Lire
envoyé par alex

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Other Olympics

by Rick Reilly


Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Shanghai Nighlife

Partilho as palavras do sabio "da Admiral" como foram escritas na newsletter desta semana...

"Hey Shanghai,

This week's newsletter goes out to my DVD lady, who not even one day after being told to shut shop by the filth, opened right up again and ripped me off on a shite copy of Hellboy II.

That's the kind of tenacity that's going to make this the century of China.

And while we're at it then, this newsletter goes out to all business persons - small business owners, musicians, concert promoters, bootleggers, DJs, whomever - that will be adversely affected by the Olympic and Olympics-related crap. Tongren Lu, I'm looking in your direction.

Stay the course friends, it can't go on forever.

I must say I originally found the prospect of all my ass-dragging, no-job having, F-visa, DJ friends being forced to leave China quite amusing. Well, dear reader, I formerly eat my words - Shanghai is boring without the wasters. Parties are going unattended, nobody is formulating any fantastically awful get-rich-quick schemes, there's scarcely an esoteric DJ genre weekday event to go to, and if I have to go to one more "going-away teppanyaki" party, I'm going to take a flame thrower to this place.

Where's the logic in kicking all those good people out but letting Linkin Park back IN for an October concert! It just doesn't make any sense to me. Even Chinese dudes are like, "Linkin Park? What? Still?"

So what's going on this weekend? Nothing, man. Nothing. Friday night you're staying in and getting drunk and playing Guitar Hero with your two remaining friends or you're looking for jobs in Vietnam on Or I guess you could go to Bonbon to see Vicarious Bliss, Muse to smell some music, or the next LAN party.

Saturday night you're looking for your old school transcripts and seeing if you can get back into university. Maybe do an MBA or a Master's or some shit. Then you're calling your parents to see if they will loan you money for tuition, a plane ticket out of Shanghai, and their basement for the next couple years.

Then you're popping open a bottle of wine, sitting on your balcony, and devising a way to bring tech-house to North Korea. Or I guess you could go to the S.T.D. party at Windows Underground (live music roundup here), Le Party at Anar, The Shelter, or Sky bar's opening thing.

Anyways, whatever you get up to, you have yourself a good one, Shangers.

Don't let 'em jack you up, back you up, crack you up and pimp smack you up,

Da Admiral"

Amanha chegam fotos do fds...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ao Telefone...

-Wei Ni hao?
-Hi, heeuh.. Is this Luis? (un-recognizable voice)
-Yes, this is him.
-Luis from Jian Guo Xi Lu?
-I'm sorry?
-This is Luis?
-Yes, to whom am I speaking?
(provavelmente this, who's this?, mas prefiro a versao mais academica)
-I'm Locked in the house!!
-You are what?
-I'm locked in the House, I don't have the keys and I can't get out!!!
-In the house? That is definately a problem, but what house?
-heuh... the house on Jian Guo Xi lu.. I am trying to call my room mate, Luis...
-Ha!, I see... That is surely a problem... And I do have room mates but I live on XiZang Xi lu, so I don't think I can be of much assistance
-(muted voice) wow, this is embarassing.. (regular voice) I must have dialled the wrong Luis then... I'm sorry. bye
-Good luck "getting out"!!

Isto marcou o inicio de uma estranha manha...